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Food and Nutraceutical Manufacturer

As a CEO I have gained extensive knowledge regarding how food and supplements are made.  From formula development to mass production I have spearheaded over 100 products you have certainly passed or bought at stores worldwide.  

Expert Bio-Hacker

It had to start somewhere.  My body has been to hell and back, from dying to thriving.  My expertise came with a fight.

REAL Food Advocate and Connoisseur 

I love food.  I started with supplements but later realized they do more harm than good if not understood by the user.  Most are created by "bro-science" and have a range from "no effect" to "adverse effect" when diet is wrong.  You cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet.  EAT. REAL. FOOD.

From Buildings to Bodies

As a trained Architect, my passion transferred from buildings to bodies.  I have been called an engineer, architect, scientist, formulator, designer, and boss.  Now my sole purpose is cutting edge research that helps hack your individual chemistry in record time. 

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